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Our VirtuaGirl software provides real human women directly to your desktop.

They talk to you, tease and dance.

If you are bored of the usual always-the-same desktop, try our incredibly hot virtual girls.

You can play with them, or they completely undress to do striptease.

They come with many different themes, outfits and special effects.

Red-hot beauties on screen in her tight lingerie that she does not prance

waiting to take off. You can also use it to do specific tasks as you remember

appointments or just to say good morning. This is a fantasy-come-true

VirtuaGirl app and it's the only one you'll want this year!




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Discover our amazing collection of 1000 of beauties, including famous Jana Cova, Jenni Gregg, Stacy Silver, Angelina Crow, Tarra White, Aria Giovanni! Blond, brunette, femmes femme fatales, cute students, duos and even trios, get the women of your dreams on your desktop!


Buy girls and enjoy their 30 to 45 minutes Remove Show Desktop. Girls strip and get naked on your desktop like you would see in a live strip bar. Also get bonus photosets, making photos and videos. Everything is 100% exclusive and HD quality.


Enjoy all your girls in full screen thanks to the fully featured screensaver. Pick up the girls of your choice from your collection, choose the decorum you want (strip bar, Caribbean garden, etc.), select the special effects and let the show begin!


Become an active member of the VirtuaGirl community.

Meet, talk and share about the girls with other VirtuaGirl enthusiasts.

Meet the crew and voice your opinion about past and future production.

Spice up your desktop!

P r o m o t i o n t e k s t

1. Virtual Girl Desktop Overview

Do you want hot exotic dancer girl on your desktop? Let one ore more hot sexy girls dance on your desktop! Virtual Girl Desktop software is awesome!

The most beautiful girls in the world strip in incredible HD right on your PC desktop. They will say HI in the morning, remind you of your appointments and dance and strip for you and caress whenever you want them to.

Blondes, Reds, Brunettes, Asians, Blacks, Lesbians, over 1000 exotic dancer girls in high resolution with video clips and photo sets of each girl. New girl dancers added to Virtual Girl Desktop all the time.

Install Virtual Girl Desktop and have some fun! Yes, our desktop girls will be completely nude!

Visit the site to see it in action

Imagine having your own private strip club at home, a stripper on demand, whenever you feel like one. Well we found a site that offers just that! And a whole lot more! For the connoisseurs of adult content on the internet, VirtuaGirl is a well known phenomenon. It’s a totally unique site which shows the hottest girls arrive on your computer screen, start to dance and strip naked for you right there on your toolbar. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, then get this! These strippers are made up of the world’s most beautiful women, over 1000 of them are available on the site! On top of these hot strippers appearing on your screen, you get thousands of beautiful photo and video galleries of all the girls at their most erotic and often horniest moments. They can't wait any longer, the world's hottest babes are ready to go Full Monty on computer screens everywhere with the release of VirtuaGirl HD, a next-generation software that allows internet users to transform their desktops into a babefest featuring the most stunning models from around the world. These girls perform strip teases (no nudity in the unregistered version) at the bottom of your desktop. You can easily configure the software to have the girls appear on command or at random, as well as set the frequency of their visits. The registered version appears to have a whole pile of virtual girls that strip naked and touch themselves, plus some duos who get up-close and personal with each other. You want a hot girl stripping just for you everyday? Then get VirtuaGirl HD on your desktop! There are over 1000 VirtuaGirls available to download and it's quick and easy to install each new girl. In no time at all, girls will show up in the corner of your computer's desktop to perform stripteases and keep you company, appearing over any apps you may be running, such as your web browser. There are also duos who will strip and touch eachother, as if you weren't already sexually frustrated enough.

Enjoy !!

2. Have you ever thought of having sexy super models right on your PC desktop? Let hot girls strip for you while you are surfing/working/jerking off in front of your computer. They will live on your PC desktop presenting bikinis, short skirts and their sexy nude bodies. Great way to spice up a long night working on the computer!

Our virtual girls will say HI in the morning, remind you of your appointments and dance and strip for you and caress themselves whenever you want them to. Blondes, Brondes, Reds, Brunettes, Afroamericans, Asians, Blacks, Lesbians, over 400 exotic dancer girls incredible picture quality with video clips and photo sets of each girl. New girl dancers added to Virtual Girl Desktop all the time.

Virtual Girls Desktop is free windows software. Get a new High Definition quality girl every morning. No adware, no spyware, no virus, certified 100% clean.

Enhance your desktop experience! Virtual Girls Desktop is the only software of its kind with High Definition quality, free preview shows, videos and community site.


1. TotemCash Introduction #1

TotemCash’s ( unique technology which enables them to bring real-life strippers on to user’s screens and desktops was developed internally back in 1999 and has assured their position as one of the top affiliation programs around. On top of their breakthrough technology, TotemCash ( can attribute their success to the strong brands such as VirtuaGirl which they’ve built up over the last ten years. “The fact that we had unique technology and products at our disposal immediately set us apart from other pay sites. We offered something different, sites and software with a much more personal, interactive and customizable aspect. Surfers the world over took to it straight away. The world-class design of their websites has also been a major driving force, especially in an industry which often forgets that there are surfers out there who actually want to see quality designed sites.
We generally feel that less is more. That sounds crazy, especially in the adult online industry, but what I mean is, customers really appreciate a tastefully designed site. You could almost say we’ve started a new niche ; classy adult sites!
2. TotemCash Introduction #2

TotemCash ( is the affiliation program for webmasters looking to promote unique products such as Their strippers on desktops have been making webmasters rich since 1998. Their team is made up of professional, friendly people who are dedicated to making sure you maximize your revenue using the latest sales tools, the best incentives and a user-friendly interface where webmasters can manage their accounts quickly, efficiently and profitably.
3. Earn More Per Click With Content That Tube Sites & Pirates Can’t Steal

Totem Cash Cliff Notes: For those who won’t read a long message, take a look at Virtua Girl HD.
We have more than 4 Million Users and are being offered as an upsell on 100s of paysites for a good reason.
We pay more per click than anyone else you send your traffic to… and all we are asking for is the chance to prove it.
(Explained in more detail below)

These days it seems many in the adult online industry are spending their time whining about tube sites or worrying about free content destroying the marketplace. At Totem Cash ( we understand that those issues are real, but instead of being paralyzed by them we have gone out and done something to solve the problem. Perhaps that’s why our Virtua Girl HD website recently surpassed the Two Million User mark. We aren’t trying to do business as usual; we are asking you to join us in doing business that is truly extraordinary.
Totem Cash ( is the maker of the world famous Virtua Girl HD adult desktop application featuring high-definition video images of amazing models performing sexy stripper routines along the status bar of any computer monitor. The software can be downloaded for free and is updated daily with new FREE versions of our daily model updates allowing users to preview the content so they can choose to buy only the girls that really satisfy their desires. That means happier customers, better retention and a greater profit per click profit for you on your traffic.
When you go to a clothing store you don’t spend money to get a monthly subscription to shop there. When you go to a nice restaurant you don’t pay to eat there all month either. The dominant pricing model in the adult industry today is unlike anything else consumers are used to in their daily lives. That’s very bad for your business. Even music is now bought on a per song basis, not a per album basis or a per month basis.
Buyers don’t want a whole month of material just to get the girl they like, and that makes it a lot easier for you to sell them content ala carte like we offer with Virtua Girl HD.
Surfers can buy individual models for as little as $2.00 each or they can choose larger package plans to get several of our amazing HD models at discounted rates. Purchases are always on a per girl basis. The result is a whole new way for affiliates to maximize their traffic because after all is said and done; the only thing that really matters is how much money you are making per click with your traffic!
By creating a proprietary downloadable content format that has been certified safe (without spyware, adware or other malware of any kind), Totem Cash has removed the possibility of our content being made available for free by pirates and thieves. That makes it some of the best adult content for you to promote because it is not an oversaturated product and can not be grabbed from illegal sites that are curtailing your profits like the videos used when you promote other more traditional affiliate programs.
We publish the statistics of our 100 top affiliates and you can view that data here: showing that many are earning as much as 20 cents per click from their traffic by sending it to Totem Cash ( Obviously you should rely on your own sales stats to decide where you can make the most money, but we aren’t asking you to send us all of your traffic… we are asking you to test out our product with your traffic. After you see that you are earning more from Totem Cash ( than you do elsewhere, we are confident you will want to expand our mutually successful business relationship and we look forward to working with you on many ways we feel we can accomplish that.
As one final note, take a look at all the industry leading paysites that are promoting Virtua Girl HD as an upsell on their tours and in their members areas. Would they all be doing that if they could earn more per click sending their traffic somewhere else? We really do have a unique product, it really will earn you more money… and all we are asking you to do is signup and send some traffic to see those facts proven for yourself.
4. Why promote VirtuaGirl?

VirtuaGirl is one of the most innovative and unique adult products on the Internet today. Promoting VirtuaGirl is really worth trying. It has already generated millions of dollars for webmasters and has registered more than 150 million users since its debut in 1998.

The idea is simple: Give away a good product for free, and then charge users a small fee to upgrade to a bigger, better, flashier, more explicit version. More than 150 million copies of the VirtuaGirl software have been downloaded to date and a thriving community of fan sites has sprung up internationally.

"We give the software for free, with 15 girls to start and then a new one every day, but they don’t fully undress," CEO Richard Excoffier explains. "Then we tease the guy every day with our software on his desktop. People can buy girls for as low as $1 and end up spending way way more.

The product not only attracts surfers who adore the strippers on their desktops and appreciate the software's freedom from spyware and adware, but also for the quality of the rest of the site’s content in the form of photo and video galleries and “making of” reports.

The daily statistics of our top 100 affiliates are available in the TOP100 section of, we are one of the only sponsors out there who dares to publish that kind of information.

"We've found that a product like this can convert almost any traffic," he continues. "Due to its unique nature, our strippers on desktops don't take away from other deals working well for Webmasters on their sites. VirtuaGirl will make them money on top of what they're already making. It's extra cash, and there's lots of it to be made."
Small animated VirtuaGirl banners on the right or left side of a site’s homepage perform the best. Traffic oriented on ‘strippers’ or ‘desktop entertainment’ converts especially well with this kind of product.
5. VirtuaGirl: Virtual product, Real profits!

In the highly saturated and competitive industry that is online adult entertainment, standing out from the rest can make or break your company. Making the decision to go niche or interactive automatically makes you different, or puts you in a category. And as in life in general, being different is not always the easiest route to take. You have to strongly believe in your products, and have good reason to do so. Totem Entertainment ( have brought us VirtuaGirl and, two uniquely developed sexy entertainment products that have rocked the adult market, to the benefit of everybody involved.

Back in late 1999, Richard Excoffier and Hervé Lucchi, the two co-founders of Totem Entertainment, saw a gap in the online adult market. Their experience in the video game industry gave them a different insight, an angle from which they could scrutinize the possibilities for their product concept.
Richard : « We had this idea of trying to mix the best parts of two extremely competitive and dynamic industries : video games and adult online entertainment. We had a look at what worked best in both areas and where we could eventually find the most effective points of synergy for our new product. We saw a lack of interaction in the online adult content that was being offered to people at the time, there was little or no customizable software out there and everybody seemed to be offering more or less the same thing : photos, short mpegs etc. In bringing together our experience and know-how from the video games sector, and applying it to an adult context, we developed a product that was dynamic, different, entertaining and sexy all at the same time, that product is VirtuaGirl ».

Since then VirtuaGirl has become one of the most successful adult applications on the internet with over 150 million people choosing to download it since its launch.
Today, Totem Entertainment (, like its products, has evolved and grown through the dynamic technological capabilities of its product software and its 20 strong team of dedicated professionals. « Today we’re introducing elements to our products and sites which add value to the overall marketing strategy. We’re maximizing our products’ potential in both technological and marketing terms in an effort to push the limits and see how far we can take it. »

« Our products record mega high retention ratios for three main reasons » explains Richard. « The first is that they are 100% customizable. The user is given full control of his girls, there is an empowerment factor there and people always love that. Secondly, the quality of our girls, their videos and full screen photos are awesome. And the ultimate in adult content that comes with membership is second to none. The third main reason is our continuous renewal of content. Whether that be girls, photos, videos etc. Every week there is at least one new element added to keep those clients coming back for more ».

« Our sites work because we understand that our clients : whether they be end-users or webmasters are the most important people out there. They tell us what they want and we adapt our programs to their needs. You have to keep projects rolling at a high speed, especially in the Internet business. Norms change, new technologies are brought in quicker now than ever before and you have to keep ahead of the rest ».

« There’s one thing that companies in this industry have to remember : having new technology and great products at your disposal will only bring you so far, for a product to really work on the net you have to share the wealth, make it worth the while for your clients and partners to advertise your products on their sites.
At Totem Entertainment, the two most important people for us are our clients who use the products and our Webmasters. Without them we wouldn’t even be here talking today. What we offer at TOTEMCASH ( is probably the highest money making partnership a Webmaster will ever see. People are wary of getting ripped off, which is normal, but you have to believe me that there are no hidden scams, no small print behind our Revshare programs. We’re for real, the products are for real, and most importantly, the revenues are for real, just read any of the testimonials on the site and see for yourself! I tell them, « listen, what we’re giving you is a trustworthy, extremely well-paid partnership. You get strong brand names of unique, interactive products that won’t jeopardize other money-making deals that already work on your site(s) ». They can’t loose, they turn wasted space into gold and convert traffic that they would never have converted before. That sounds like one hell of a good deal to anyone ! But we gotta keep spreading the good news. Not enough people know about TOTEMCASH and its awesome rebilling capabilities. We’re like the Viagra of cash portals, you’re performance will double in days! »
6. TotemCash ( releases VirtuaGirl HD

Attention all adult webmasters ! VirtuaGirl HD has arrived! That’s right, the follow-up has been online since January 2008 and webmasters are being advised to get in early to take full advantage of the new VirtuaGirl! Thousands of affiliates cashed in big time when VirtuaGirl was released in 1998. They saw their earnings grow and grow as millions of surfers worldwide heard about VirtuaGirl and got hooked on the phenomenon. This time the girls are in High Definition and the end user gets a new girl for free every day delivered directly to his desktop! “We made a lot of webmasters rich, and we're doing it again” says Richard Excoffier, co-founder of TotemCash. “The timing is just right for VirtuaGirl HD ! The fact that it’s in HD is going to please a lot of people. The image resolution of the sexy strippers has also increased, so users get a larger, more detailed dancer on their desktop. We’ve found that a product like this can convert almost any traffic. Due to its unique nature, our strippers on desktops don’t take away from other deals working well for webmasters on their sites. VirtuaGirl HD will make you money ON TOP of what you’re already making. It’s Extra Cash, and there’s lots of it to be made with the new version”.
The VirtuaGirl product concept dates back to 1998 when Richard Excoffier and Hervé Lucci, then two computer game engineers, came up with the amazing idea of mixing the best parts of two extremely competitive and dynamic industries : video games and adult online entertainment. The result was amazing, and changed the lives of these two men forever. Virtuagirl is today one of the most downloaded pieces of software on the Internet, with counters showing over 150 million downloads !
The product has become a collector’s dream and an obsession among thousands of surfers worldwide. It’s about collecting as many girls as you can, and just having fun! There’s even a thriving community of fan sites and forums out there. This proves that a real loyalty to, and a huge following for the product exists and at the end of the day that’s what all companies strive to achieve with their products. This loyalty among users of the product is a huge advantage for webmasters who promote VirtuaGirl, so join them today!
Log on to "" and you too can be part of that New Gold Rush!

For more info go to

Forget Online Dating! Get a Table Dance From the Privacy of Your Own PC! VirtuaGirl is the Only Desktop Application You'll Need This Year!

They can't wait any longer, the world's hottest babes are ready to go Full Monty on computer screens everywhere with the release of VirtuaGirl HD, a next-generation software that allows internet users to transform their desktops into a babefest featuring the most stunning models from around the world.

More than just a sexy desktop distraction, VirtuaGirl is an online phenomenon that has made grown men weep for almost 10 years. Just imagine it....every single day you get a new hot babe shaking her booty for your eyes only on your PC toolbar. The crystal-clear high-definition quality means you'll almost be able to smell her perfume! Aye papi!

It's a private table dance right on your desktop, from as many girls as you want. If you prefer laptop dancing, that's ok too, she'll follow you wherever you bring your lap!
Users get lots of FREE private dances from the girls and they have the possibility to pay for stripteases from their favourite ones or from all of them!

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